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The Complete Salesperson Course

The Complete Salesperson Course is Australia's most famous real estate sales event. It is delivered by Lee Woodward over two days, structured to cover the four major components of the real estate industry – FIND, LIST, COMMUNICATE & SELL.

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The Complete Salesperson Course

The Complete Salesperson Course is the only course of its kind in Australia. Designed by multi-award-winning real estate sales professional turned educator, systems designer and facilitator Lee Woodward, the course has had a powerful impact on the careers of tens of thousands of agents since its launch in 1995.

Updated annually to maintain a clear focus on the latest systems and methods to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive industry, the 2-day interactive course is always current and relevant. It provides the foundational knowledge every real estate professional needs to succeed in their chosen career.

The course brings together everything Lee has learned about adult education in over 30 years in real estate training tailored for today’s real estate professional. You will learn what it takes to go from ad hoc agent to structured business professional who knows what it takes to consistently Find, List, Communicate and Sell at or above target based on a proven, systemised framework.

Facilitated by Lee in his famously dynamic and passionate style, the course also features industry greats as guest speakers, each offering unique perspectives and insight into how they consistently write such extraordinary numbers.

Who Should Attend?

The Complete Salesperson Course is designed for real estate sales professionals. However, it is equally relevant for principals, sales managers, buyer’s agents and vendor managers, with many choosing to attend as a team for agency or team-wide consistency. Whether you operate independently or work for an agency, the course is for you.

Many of Australia’s top-performing agents and principals revisit the course regularly for 2 key reasons:

1.    There is nothing else like it,
2.    To discover the latest tech and techniques to help them work more efficiently and effectively.

The course can also be tailored for larger companies and brands and delivered exclusively. Contact us to learn more.

Course Structure

The course is delivered over 2 full days of dynamic, interactive, workshop-style learning. It is structured around 5 Core Modules that align with the process of a sale and the structure of a successful real estate sales business, no matter how large or small:

1.    Find: The fuel that drives your business
2.    List: Selling the feeling to win the business
3.    Communicate: Living up to the promise and building professional trust
4.    Sell: Buyer management = one-to-one prospecting
5.    Structural Change: Gaining visual clarity, structure and accountability

Key Learnings

Module 1 – Find

1.    How to claim doors for future business
2.    The power of blended marketing
3.    The impact of one-to-one prospecting
4.    Follow-up and follow-on
5.    What to send
6.    The success of continuous marketing
7.    Working in the heat
8.    The benefits and power of building listing streams
9.    Social media marketing
10.    Avoiding leakage in your business

Module 2 – List
1.    Interviewing the owner
2.    Questions get answers
3.    Protecting the asset
4.    Triggers, concepts and questions
5.    The golden rule of real estate
6.    Communicate and connect
7.    The 10-point selling plan
8.    Delivering the price – mathematical and emotional
9.    Staged marketing is VPA (Value Performance Advertising)
10.    The digital inspection

Module 3 – Communicate

1.    Living up to the presentation promise
2.    Professional trust
3.    Building credits in the emotional bank account
4.    Allowing the owner to gain visibility through the calendar of events
5.    Continuous reporting
6.    Blended communication – what is it and when to use it?
7.    Price consistency
8.    Making calls that count
9.    Using a digital transparent notification system
10.    Putting fear aside and creating your ‘Everything Email’

Module 4 – Sell

1.    Buyer management is one-to-one prospecting
2.    Silence implies consent
3.    The 6 types of buyers
4.    Where, why, when? Dialogue for all buyer-sellers
5.    Confirming the home address to provide a price update
6.    Offering a property nomination service
7.    Mastering the qualification process – scripts and questions
8.    The digital offer management system
9.    Buyer-sellers are mystery shoppers
10.    Showcasing the invisible value

Module 5 – Structural Change

1.    The 3 major ‘swim lanes’
2.    10 milestones to your business
3.    Learning, one ‘snack’ at a time
4.    Love the one you’re with
5.    If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it
6.    Visual communications
7.    Confirm your strength lane
8.    Create a learning menu
9.    Visibility and accountability
10.    Personal reinforcement

Course Material

You will walk away with a comprehensive course manual/workbook and several digital tools and templates that can be immediately applied on the job.

Other Inclusions

Buffet-style lunch, morning and afternoon tea on both days.


$995 pp